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Joy loves everything that has to do with car and bike culture. She can talk to gearheads all day long and loves to listen to stories of cars and bikes, how they were built or restored and what makes them special to the people that own them. She appreciates hearing about the blood, sweat and tears that they have poured into their creations. She wants to give her clients' vehicles the attention that they have given, to know what makes them proud owners.


By combining her love for wheels and photography, she seeks to evoke emotion by creating images of car culture captured in the vein of fine art. Joy seeks to make her clients love their vehicles just a little bit more than they already did by creating iconic images that they will proudly hang on their wall whether they continue to own the vehicle or not. She seeks to expose the personality of her clients' cars and bikes, and in-turn, the personality of her clients themselves.


Joy “Rider” Goddard

Joy has always loved wheels. Her passion for cars and motorcycles began from a young age. At the age of 12, she owned her first dirt bike and when her dad wasn't watching, she would ride it off through the orange groves near her home in Southern California and up into the rolling hills surrounding the valley. Her first car love was a powder blue Pontiac LeMans 350. Her dad purchased it brand new in 1969 and it was the only car she knew growing up as it was used to tote her and her sisters around to school and sporting events. When she turned 16, it became hers. She learned how to rebuild everything on that car and she knew everything about it from the original AM/FM radio to the stock Rochester 2-barrell carburetor and the H.O. heads on the V8 motor. At that time, in the early '90s, walking through the school parking lot was like walking through a 60's car show of today. She was enamored with 60's cars and knew enough about GM to be able to tell from one glance at a car the year, specs and options.


It would be years before she would realize her addiction to cars would become her greatest asset. Along the way, she picked up a Nikon digital SLR and began creating photographic art. Five nights a week, she would meet at a co-op photography studio to collaborate with models, makeup artists and clothing designers to create fashion and fine art images. Photography would become the next big love of her life.


As a few years passed by, she felt a desire to use her skills and equipment to create an epic shot of her own motorcycle, a 2013 Triumph Speed Triple R (pictured to the right). This shot sparked a flame of creativity and Joy Rider Productions was born.

2013 Triumph Speed Triple R

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